Jul. 19, 2021

Monday's Suck. Here's How To Get Motivated

People Who Loves Monday's Are Unique

Monday's are tough for a lot of working Americans. Don't feel bad or feel alone, because you're not. Although there are more people who rather just stay at home than work, there are still individuals that we need to respect as working class individuals, who are hard workers and don't mind working for a particular company. For the people who are trapped in the rat race (read Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad), this article may help with getting over the Monday blues, if you're not one of the lucky ones. After having a great weekend and experiencing a little taste of what it feels like to not work and enjoy the whole day to yourself or with family, it's hard to get up early on a Monday to go and work for someone else's goals. The easy part is, getting up and going to work is routine and automatic, but the hard part is finding a way out of the rat race or at least staying motivated in between time.

Let's say you actually enjoyed your job and what you do for a living; believe it or not, Monday's can still be tough on a lot of folks, but there are ways we can reverse that. Think about it. Have you ever walked into work and someone is already smiling, whistling, humming a happy tune and just plain out happy to be there? Well let's take a look at the 6 most common characteristics of these Monday-loving individuals:

  1. Goal Oriented
  2. In-tune With Reality
  3. Rat Race Awareness
  4. Willingness To Learn
  5. Taking The Different Route
  6. Having Something Good To Look Forward To

Now let's explore these characteristics a little bit deeper.

  1. Goal Oriented: These individuals all have some type of goal that they want to achieve. They know that in order to achieve certain goals, work need to be done. What keep these individuals motivate is the thought of the reward that comes after (the paycheck). Certain percentage of your paychecks can go towards investing, business building, etc. These checks are guaranteed as long as you show up and clock in, so why not use your job to finance your goals. That's the exact mindset you'll need to be in to understand this concept and utilize it effectively.
  2. In-Tune With Reality: The reality is that most of us regular people have to work. Even when making 6 figures, working is still a for sure thing for most. You'll be one of the lucky ones to make 6 figures from side hustles or working remotely for yourself, and even when/if you do, you still need to put in some type of work. So always having a bad attitude towards any kind of work isn't a good thing for your mindset. So don't lie to yourself & don't focus so much on social media and how everyone is living. That just brings you away from your reality.
  3. Rat Race Awareness: Reading Robert Kiyosaki's 'Rich Dad Poor Dad' can help put this into perspective for you. The rat race is common, but yet so hard to realize. A lot of people don't even realize they're in a never ending rat race when working and living a routine life for decades. The moment you have that outer-body experience and realize you're in the rat race, it'll be a whole lot clear for you, erasing all the anxiety of being lost in the rat race.
  4. Willingness To Learn: There have been jobs I've hated, but all the jobs I hated had one thing in common, and that's learning. There's soo much that can be learned from jobs you hate. Next time you have a bad day at work, try getting something valuable out of it.
  5. Taking The Different Route: Taking the higher road is harder for some than most, but taking the higher road isn't so hard. I practiced this a lot with my ex co-workers by always being the one to be happy or excited while everyone else drags and complain. That's the true definition of taking the higher road. Remember misery needs company
  6. Having Something Good To look Forward To: This is the most favorite attribute! Do you remember that feeling you got when you were a kid when it was about an hour left in your school day and you just knew that in one more hour, you'll be riding the bus home with your friends for a sleepover. There's nothing in the day that could ruin your good mood. You have soo much to talk about and soo many games to play with your friends. What are you looking forward to? Instead of being wrapped up in the day, think about what you'll be doing 5 hours from then. Think of something positive.